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Lower the actual temperature in the dairy cattle stable by 6 to 8 degrees during warm days

Dutch summer days keep getting warmer and sunnier. Especially cows suffer from this. It is important for dairy cattle to get enough cooling during these warm, sunny days. A cow is hardly capable of managing its own body temperature during these high temperatures, which could cause heat stress.
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TS Group Holland is sponsoring St. Corsowagen Kerk-Avezaath for the coming three years

The preparations for the 2015 “Fruitcorso” have begun. The clubs will do their absolute best to build a beautiful float together. TS Group Holland, as an organisation, likes to be involved in activities and events in the region.
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TS Group Holland unites knowledge and experience in technical experiences at ROC Rivor

While the labour market is developing a shortage in technical talents, less youngsters choose an education in technical services. To make students excited about technical jobs in the industry, educational centre ROC Rivor in Tiel has started a cooperation with the business life.
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Efficiently separating with compact manure separator

Dairy- and stock farm Mts. Van den Anker from Maurik was already familiar with separating manure to liquid and solid fraction. To separate more efficiently, Joost van den Anker has been looking to get his own manure separator since last autumn.
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