Newsletter February 2016


Column: Expansion to the cultivation of mushrooms

By Frans Olijhoek, Service technician - TS Group Holland

Normally we focus on the climate in stables with cows, chickens and pigs, but last year we have been asked as a company to make an expansion to the cultivation of mushrooms. The cultivation of mushrooms is a specialised process, which needs a lot of attention. As an addition to our experience with climate systems and optimisation, me and 4 other colleagues went to a four day course in September of 2015. Read more>

Led lighting alongside roads will create more safety

The launch of independent led lighting in dry and wet infrastructure

Turning the lights off on most highways/motorways does provide a reduction in the costs. But on the other hand it decrease road safety for the user and car driver. To make dark roads, corners and road blocks more visible and safer, our partner Roadled has developed multiple special armatures and road signs based on an unique solar-led technique. The build-in led lighting is completely independent and will work up to 45 days without sunlight. This coming year we will be launching these independent led lights in dry and wet infrastructure together with Roadled.

Column: Working abroad

By Damiën Nieuwboer, Apprentice mechanic - TS Group Holland

I have been working as an apprentice mechanic at TS Group Holland since September 2014. After a few months of work experience, in March of last year I got my first project abroad in Australia. A poultry project to commission a climate system in two new stables. Read more>

Kerk-Avezaath's 'Fruitcorso 2015'

"Together we build for the pleasure and the cheer of the crowd"

The 2015 ‘Fruitcorso’ has passed and with that our first year as a sponsor of St. Corsowagen Kerk-Avezaath. TS Group Holland, as an organisation, likes to be involved in activities and events in the region. To contribute to the continuity of building these floats in Kerk-Avezaath, TS Group Holland is sponsoring St. Corsowagen Kerk-Avezaath for three years. During our first year of sponsoring, we have not only been financially supporting the volunteers with the construction of the float as well as helping them with our aerial platforms, new clothes and the development of their new website. Read more>

Addition to our vehicle fleet

A fourth aerial platform for flexibility, mobility and safety

When we look back at 2015, one of the highlights has been the start of our aerial platform service For the realisation and maintenance of our infrastructural projects, flexibility, mobility and safety are really important. For our employers as well as our clients, relations and partners. With this service we can provide all of this. Last year we got to carry out a lot of interesting projects with our three aerial platforms. To serve our clients this coming year, we have extended our vehicle fleet with a new 12 metre Crafter aerial platform.

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