Lab Equipment

Lab-innovations is a part of TS Group Holland, specializes in designing, producing, installing and maintaining client specific laboratory equipment. Our products and services have a worldwide off-take in the medical-, bio process-, chemical-, pharmaceutical-, as well as in the global food industry sector and in various educational institutions.

We would like to be of service when it comes to (customer specific) lab equipment, disinfection, maintenance or test setups and or monitoring. When it comes to our products you can think of animal housing, isolators, disinfection systems and special lab equipment, like for instance operating tables. You will find more information on our website:

We offer a 24/7 fault repair service and we offer the possibility to perfectly accommodate the maintenance agreement to your wishes and budget possibilities. A multi-annual plan for periodic maintenance works cost saving and insures of optimal functionality of your installations and their lifespan.

We have a very motivated team with years’ worth of experience in this sector. Because of this we are capable of efficiently organising projects, for different clients, and bringing the project to a great end.

Since January 2013 TS Group Holland B.V. is ‘exclusive international sales representative and service partner for all Isolators and Lab equipment produced by B&E Metaal BV’.


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