Bauer manure separators

Many agricultural companies have to dispose of  manure to meet set legal requirements. And that is actually a waste. Because there is a way to decrease the disposal of manure considerably: manure separation. For every company that has its own ground or manure market opportunities in the surrounding area, manure separation is profitable.

Lower disposal costs

Traditional systems that deal with manure take a lot of time, are labour-intensive and the investments are enormous. Thanks to the Bauer manure separator you can lower the disposal costs considerably. Because more fertilizer stays on the company, you are less dependent on chemical fertilizer to compensate the disposed animal manure. After manure separation you will have two types of fertilizer that you can divide between your crops separately. So that’s fertilizing to size, with your own produced manure.

Solid fraction can, for instance, be used as bio-bedding or solid fertilizer on the land. An advantage to the liquid fraction is that it is easily pumped, definitely in combination with a tow bar system but also by exertion with a tank. The pollution is in the solid fraction after all. Liquid fraction can be used for usage on your own land; it is quickly absorbed by the grass.

Read more about the characteristics of solid fraction and liquid fraction.
Why separate with a Bauer separator?

Strewing for box coverage

The strewing of solid fraction has increased massively. In the footsteps of other countries, where this method is often used, many cattle farm in the Netherlands have started strewing solid fraction. The comfort of cows laying down  is one of the most important reasons to use solid fraction. Research shows that when you use solid fraction, cows will lay down quicker and damage to heels and knees are a lot less. Different observations have shown us that, on average, more cows are found in the free stall.

Your advantages when you use solid fraction as stable coverage:

  • You save on sawdust- and straw costs.
  • Excellent cow comfort, comparable to sandboxes.
  • Always enough stock.
  • No problems in the well with wear and tear of pumps, mixers or slide system.
  • Satisfied cows in the barn!
What is manure separation?

Manure separation makes it possible to decrease the volume of manure by 15 to 30%. A separator (auger) separates the manure in a liquid and a solid fraction. In the solid fracture more minerals per m3 are disposed, so the transport costs are lower. The solid fraction can serve as fuel for biogas installations, but is also a very popular fertilizer in the agriculture because of its high content of organic fibres. The liquid fraction that is left holds a high level of mineral nitrogen and because of that a good replacement for chemical fertilizer.


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