TS Group Holland B.V. is an independent service organisation who performs worldwide projects for different clients in the agricultural sector. The interests in the agricultural sector are high. Investments can increase quickly, so it is understandable there are high requirements when it comes to system quality, installations and equipment. TS Group Holland B.V. plays a big role in project validation by offering good service and know-how to suppliers in the agricultural sector, integrations, entrepreneurs and investors to get a maximal return from their investment.

Our 24/7 worldwide service consists of:

Site managing, supervision, commissioning, validation, service and maintenance and follow ups of climate problems on new and existing sites.

Besides our worldwide technical service we also offer project managing, site managing , supervision, follow ups of climate problems on new and existing sites and we also provide electro technical and thermo graphic inspections. We not only offer a solution for your capacity problem, with our knowledge, experience and creativity we contribute to an optimal realisation of your project.

Besides that we focus on durable techniques like solar energy, heat recovery, LED lights and energy-saving ventilation systems. In short, the techniques of the future are intertwined with TS Group Holland B.V.

No remote corner too far, no challenge too crazy; that is TS Group Holland B.V. their motto.

Partner Dutch Poultry Centre

Leading Dutch companies and institutes in the poultry sector present themselves on the international market under the name Dutch Poultry Centre.

TS Group Holland B.V. sees a lot of chances for the future to lift the automation in the poultry sector to a higher level, where durability, energy saving and an optimal climate are important starting points. Complete project validation is a must to get maximum results from the investment. Dutch poultry Centre offers a good platform for networking an exchanging knowledge, which is a good contribution for the international success in the poultry sector.

Dennis van Ingen, manager TS Group Holland B.V.: “Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge is strength.”

At Dutch Poultry Centre it is all about teamwork. Teamwork with the partners, teamwork with clients and relations all over the world. Collaborations that consist mainly of sharing knowledge and offering complementary solutions.


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