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Infrastructure Technology

TS Group Holland B.V. is an independent service organisation in the infrastructure technology, specializing in engineering, project management, realisation en maintaining electro technical and mechanic installations next to roads, motorways, waterways, bridges, tunnels, sluices and other hydraulic engineering projects.

In the infrastructure technology we execute projects with the emphasis on:

  • Ground wiring;
  • Access control;
  • Camera-observation systems;
  • Energy transport;
  • (Emergency) lighting;
  • Construction of charging points;
  • Supply and installation of synthetic air vents;
  • Service and maintenance of technical installations;
  • Inspection of technical installations according to NEN3140 and NEN-EN-50110;
  • Rental of temporary CO2 neutral camera systems and lighting;
  • Locating and solving complex cable interferences (read more);
  • Locating cables and pipes that haven’t been drawn up.

We offer a 24/7 fault repair service and we offer the possibility to perfectly accommodate the maintenance agreement to your wishes and budget possibilities.

A multi-annual plan for periodic maintenance works cost saving and insures optimal functionality of your installations and their lifespan. We have a very motivated team with years’ worth of experience in this sector. Because of this we are capable of efficiently organising projects, for different clients, and bringing the project to a great end.


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